Yrma Wilson

November 19, 2023
Dark Energy Removal

Dark Energy Removal: How to Recognize and Address Dark Energy in Your Space

Dark energy, the enigmatic force that can cast a shadow over our living spaces, often goes unnoticed.
November 18, 2023
reiki and intuition

Reiki and Intuition: Developing Your Healing Intuitive Abilities

Reiki, a healing practice that taps into the universal life force energy, is not merely a set of techniques but a profound journey that involves the development of intuitive abilities.
November 13, 2023
Hospice Reiki

Hospice Reiki: A Journey to Comfort and Tranquility

Hospice reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, when integrated into hospice care, creates a profound impact on patients' well-being, offering solace and relief during their challenging journey.
November 1, 2023
Reiki for MS

Reiki for MS (Multiple Sclerosis): A Holistic Approach to Managing Symptoms

Reiki for MS has demonstrated its value as an effective approach for individuals experiencing multiple sclerosis.
October 21, 2023
reiki energy healing

Reiki Energy Healing, Reiki Symbols and Their Meanings

Regarding the world of holistic healing, reiki energy healing is a practice that stands out for its spiritual and therapeutic significance.
October 20, 2023
Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki: A Holistic Approach to Healing for Our Furry Friends

Animal Reiki, a holistic approach to healing, has emerged as a remarkable way to provide physical and emotional support to our beloved companions.
October 16, 2023
Energy Healing

The Future of Energy Healing: The Best Trends and Innovations

Energy healing has emerged as a powerful and transformative practice in a world where holistic health and well-being are becoming increasingly important.
October 13, 2023
Energy Healing

Energy Healing vs. Traditional Medicine: Which is Right for You?

The choice between energy healing and traditional medicine can be intriguing and perplexing in a world where healthcare options are ever-expanding.
October 7, 2023
Unlock well-being with healing body pressure points: Relax, relieve pain, and improve health through acupressure. Discover the benefits now!

Healing Body Pressure Points: A Path to Wellness

The practice of healing body pressure points is an overlooked approach to enhancing overall well-being. In today's fast-paced world, where stress and tension have become a part of our daily lives, finding effective ways to achieve wellness is crucial.
September 30, 2023
Vibration Healing

Vibration Healing: Harnessing the Power of Vibrational Energy for Wellness

Vibration healing, a profound and often underappreciated phenomenon within the vast tapestry of holistic health and well-being, delves into the intrinsic vibrational energy that envelops the universe and ourselves.
September 10, 2023
mind body connection

The Mind Body Connection in Energy Healing

In the realm of holistic well-being, the concept of the mind body connection is a profound and essential aspect. Energy healing, which has gained significant popularity […]
August 29, 2023
life force energy

“Enhance Life Force Energy: Ignite Vitality and Well-being Naturally”

Life force energy pulses through every aspect of our being, infusing us with vitality and vigor. Are you sensing a depletion of this vital life force […]

I can’t even BEGIN to express how happy I am to have found you! The fact you were able to determine during my daughter’s energy healing session that she had a broken bone, and the doctors who examined her totally missed it, is absolutely amazing!

Thank god, I listened to you and took her immediately back to the doctors and insisted they take x-rays that enable them to see that in addition to her bruised arm she also had a broken collarbone. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be thinking my poor 8-month old daughter was just being fussy after the car accident, because the doctors who examine her said she was fine.
The Car accident was a horrible experience for all of us, but I’m so blessed to have found you! Thanks to your energy healing, my baby and I are on our journey to peace and healing.

You are truly amazing!