Space Energy Clearing

Everything is formed up of energy, and that energy may quickly make up and knock you down. Making it a practice to remove the evil, turbulent energy around you will help your area seem cleaner, better, and more productive.

$175.00 Per Hour (minimum $350.00) The cost needs to be calculated based on the total amount of time required, travel time included.

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I can’t even BEGIN to express how happy I am to have found you! The fact you were able to determine during my daughter’s energy healing session that she had a broken bone, and the doctors who examined her totally missed it, is absolutely amazing!

Thank god, I listened to you and took her immediately back to the doctors and insisted they take x-rays that enable them to see that in addition to her bruised arm she also had a broken collarbone. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be thinking my poor 8-month old daughter was just being fussy after the car accident, because the doctors who examine her said she was fine.
The Car accident was a horrible experience for all of us, but I’m so blessed to have found you! Thanks to your energy healing, my baby and I are on our journey to peace and healing.

You are truly amazing!